Metasystems Development Inc - 30 Years

Corporate Profile


Corporate Vision:

To proactively guide organizations towards excellence, productivity and profitability through creative use of information technology, and contribute to the Philippines? inclusive growth and prosperity.

Corporate Mission:

To be the professional Information Technology Solutions Provider with innovative and leading-edge technology solutions and services that promote excellence and competitiveness, enhance efficiency and productivity, and ensure profitability and growth of its Clientele through quality products, cost-effective solutions, responsive technical support and commitment to world class service.


Metasystems entered the microcomputer industry over thirty (30) years ago on August 1, 1981 (initially as a division of VKho Corporation) with the pioneering introduction of the revolutionary multi-user, multi-processing supermicros -- predecessor of the open/Unix-based computer systems. Collaboration with experts in developing applications software, which at that time was practically nil and tailored to particular proprietary technology, produced total hardware and software solutions for selected industries such as food, clothing and apparel, health care, pharmaceuticals, film distribution, security, automotive parts, hardware, agribusiness, vertical and horizontal construction, among others. This early strategy allowed Metasystems to reach out to apparently non-existent markets and gain expertise in successfully designing, implementing and supporting sophisticated multi-user microcomputer systems. We represent a product only after we are convinced of a product's superior and unique features, exceptional manufacturing / development quality standards, and manufacturer's intense commitment to aftersales/technical support; and we market the product to our Clientele only after undergoing thorough technical support and sales training from the manufacturer/developer, locally or overseas.

Through the years, Metasystems' focus on the high end product/market segment led to its evolution into the IBM midrange and mainframe communications and peripherals where it developed its niche in the computer industry. Our success in establishing the IDEA (IDEAssociates/Nlynx) PC to midrange emulation product line as the industry standard as against IBM and other established brands gave Metasystems its strong foothold in the Philippines' top 500 corporations, multinationals, international organizations, National Government, local government and government-owned and controlled corporations.

Metasystems? key products are TallyGenicom (Printronix) line matrix printers, Raritan?s IT Infrastructure Access/Control solutions and LaserFiche Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).

Our broad perspective of the computer spectrum as well as investments in intensive and extensive training local and overseas enhance our capability in providing our clientele the best service in terms of product knowledge and technical expertise. Just as our early experience in the multi-user, multi-processor environment during the pre-PC networking days provided us with the necessary expertise to quickly embrace and implement Novell networking technology, our work with IBM midrange and mainframe installations, and now with Windows networks and open systems, has furnished us with invaluable perspective and knowledge to build a strong foundation on which we can move across hardware and software platforms to offer competitive and cost-effective solutions as well as technical support services responsive to today's corporate information technology demands.

With the rapidly changing environment, Metasystems commits to serve as the vanguard in the charge to harness the latest leading technologies in order to ensure that Clientele's service demands are met and investments preserved. There is no other company that has the wealth and breadth of experience that Metasystems has. We are not just a PC company. We are not just a network company. We are not just a midrange/mainframe communications company. Having been involved in the myriad aspects of computing technology, we areblessed with unique blend of perspectives that allow us to be a major Information Technology Consultant for our clientele.

Metasystems' strong commitment to service excellence and wealth and breadth of experience has led to its continued growth through the many and deep structural changes, the crests and troughs, of the Philippine economy and the information technology industry in particular.

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