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CopiBook™ Onyx A2

CopiBookTM OnyxA2, the reference for productivity

After six years of existence, the international reputation of the CopiBook™ range is very strong. It is the book scanner unanimously recognized as the best solution for image quality, productivity and reliability at affordable price.

Yet today, i2S DigiBook pushes the limits even further with the new CopiBook™ Onyx A2.
Designed to be the best reference of stand-alone scanning station for bound documents up to DIN A2 format, the CopiBook™ Onyx A2 leaves nothing to chance and brings you all the features and performances that will ensure your digitizing projects to reach unprecedented levels of quality and productivity.

This new CopiBook™ generation called "Onyx" has been redesigned and comes today with a new camera and improved features that ensure you to enjoy the best book scanner available. This is why, today, the CopiBook™ Onyx A2 is the best partner to give your digitizing projects the most chance to achieve high level of productivity, quality and return on investment.


 This new generation comes in two models:

CopiBook™ Onyx A2 RGB
CopiBook™ Onyx A2 BW

Video Demo

CopiBook™ Onyx A2

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CopiBook Onyx BW and Onyx RGB

CopiBookTM OnyxA2 BW (for grayscale) & CopiBookTM OnyxA2 RGB (for color)

The reference for productivity

Key features:
- Fast: 1.4 seconds in grayscale and 3.4 seconds color both at 400x400 optical dpi on A2 format
- Ergonomics: fully optimized user's operations and manipulations
- Image quality: deltaE55 cm depth of field at 400 & 600 dpi
- No lighting: operating in an office lighting environment
- Design: a new uncluttered and sleek design
- Easy: fully automatic calibration and intuitive interface

CopiBook Keyboard

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